SITES project spotlight: The University of Texas at El Paso

Recently, we announced that the University of Texas at El Paso’s (UTEP) Campus Transformation Project was awarded SITES Silver certification, in addition to becoming the first project to certify under SITES v2. We sat down with some of the project team members to get their insights into pursuing SITES at the Campus Transformation Project (CTP).

Attend a SITES workshop at USGBC headquarters on March 4

Join GBCI and Potomac ASLA for a one-day workshop on March 4 on the concepts and goals of sustainable and regenerative land design. This workshop will dive into SITES and provide practitioners and regional leaders with the tools they need to ingrate SITES into their work. 

Quick-start your project with SITES to meet your sustainability goals

In 2017, GBCI is focused on helping more people meet their sustainability goals by pursuing SITES certification. The SITES program is intentionally set up with enough flexibility so that any major redevelopment or new construction project can pursue it.

Take the SITES AP exam by March 13 and earn special recognition

Now that you’ve broken all your New Year’s resolutions, get yourself back on track and commit to elevating sustainable landscapes in the market and in professional practice. Take the SITES AP exam and become part of the first round of exam candidates.

Attend a SITES workshop in Boise on Feb. 23 (USGBC Idaho)

USGBC Idaho and Hewlett Packward are hosting a one-day SITES rating system workshop on Feb. 23. You’re invited to this in-depth and interactive training to learn more about the SITES rating system, the importance and benefits of sustainable landscape design and the SITES AP credential.

Green infrastructure: Exploring solutions in LEED, SITES and Parksmart

Cities are looking to green infrastructure to align sustainable development efforts and to foster social and economic development.

Landscape professionals: The benefits of becoming a SITES AP

The SITES AP is a new credential for landscape professionals from GBCI, providing you with the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and commitment to the profession. The SITES AP establishes a common framework to define the profession of sustainable landscape design and development.

SITES Quarterly Call on Feb. 16: Bringing SITES to clients

The LEED rating system has become the most widely used green building program in the world because architects and engineers made it their own. By integrating LEED’s principles into practice and by selling it to their clients, professionals led the way.

Year in review: Scaling the SITES program

2016 was exciting for the Sustainable SITES Initiative—this year was all about GBCI launching SITES v2 and educating users on the SITES rating system and its associated products and offerings.