Meet SITES at the 2017 AIA National Convention

The SITES team is headed to this year’s 2017 American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention in Orlando from April 27–29. Each year, AIA’s National Convention features leading experts and creative visionaries from the architecture and design industry and covers topics including green building, LEED, resiliency, business management, design and health.

SITES-certified projects are defining sustainability beyond the building

Around the world, projects are helping to drive sustainability beyond the building by participating in SITES, a rating system that defines what a sustainable site is, and elevates the value of landscapes in the built environment. Land is a critical component of the built environment, and SITES addresses all aspects of a sustainable landscape that could influence its potential function or performance—considering water, soil, vegetation, materials and our own interaction and connection with the site.

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Grow your knowledge with new SITES education courses

SITES is excited to announce that we’ve released several new educational offerings on our new Education page. These courses are designed to help grow your knowledge on SITES and sustainable landscape design, development and management.