SITES v2 Gold projects automatically earn LEED v4 points

The LEED v4 and SITES v2 rating systems can easily be used in tandem. Last fall, in an effort to simplify the process for projects interested in benefiting from pursuing both SITES and LEED, we published our SITES and LEED Synergies document, which outlined a list of substitutions between LEED and SITES. 

The first five steps in using your SITES AP credential

You decided to become a SITES Accredited Professional (SITES AP), you took the exam and you passed. Congratulations!

What's next? Here's a breakdown of what you can do.

How I passed the SITES AP exam on my first try

Do you want to earn your SITES AP credential, but are crunched for time to study for the exam? I enjoy learning, but I hate taking tests and am a busy person who doesn't have a lot of time to spend a studying for an exam. Here's the plan I followed to pass the exam on my first try:

1. Remember the why.

Why do you want to do this in the first place? Why is earning a SITES AP credential an important distinction for you? It helps to have the big picture in mind.

Register by July 1 for a discount on the SITES AP exam

Early adopter pricing is available for the SITES AP exam through June 30, 2017. Take advantage of this offer before it expires to become part of an elite group of professional dedicated to elevating the value of landscapes in the built environment. Register for the exam by logging in to your USGBC account.

SITES Rating System and Scorecard now available in Spanish and Chinese

The SITES Rating System and Scorecard are now available in Spanish and Chinese. SITES is a truly global brand, and its practitioners and advocates are growing more and more diverse. These translated resources allow us to continue to grow the market for SITES and helps sustainable landscape design and development resonate on a global stage. 

USGBC at the Resilient Cities conference: Using LEED, SITES and PEER

Droughts, floods, migration and informal settlements, water quality, climate preparedness, earthquakes...these were just a few of the resiliency challenges discussed by workshop participants at Resilient Cities 2017. Countries as diverse as Jamaica, Vietnam, Palestine, Nigeria, Jordan and the United States came together in Bonn, Germany from May 4–6 for the annual global forum on urban resilience and adaptation.

7 simple steps to certify your project with SITES v2

A SITES certification marks a project’s commitment to sustainability. If you are interested in getting started, find out if your project is eligible or download our free SITES Rating System for more information about prerequisites and credits.

First class of SITES APs demonstrates their expertise in sustainable landscape design

In October 2016, we began offering testing for the SITES AP exam, and we are excited to announce that our first cohort of SITES APs have earned their credentials through GBCI. These newly minted landscape professionals have demonstrated their knowledge, expertise and commitment to the profession to earn the SITES AP designation.

Download our client deck for your next presentation on SITES

Are you working with your clients on sustainability beyond the building? Need a slide presentation on SITES that you can share? Look no further. GBCI is committed to helping landscape professionals bring SITES to their clients and to the market, and we’ve created a powerful presentation on the value of SITES.

SITES Quarterly Call on May 22: Demystifying SITES at the project level

We invite you to join us for our second SITES Quarterly Call of 2017 on May 22 from 3–4:30 p.m. EST. GBCI staff and SITES users will discuss how to jump-start your project with SITES, as well as how pursuing both LEED and SITES in tandem can help you further define, improve or demonstrate the site sustainability aspects of a project.