Rhode Island adds SITES and LEED ND to its Green Buildings Act

The Ocean State has taken a big step toward embracing sustainable development and landscapes. Building on the state’s eight-year legacy of green public buildings policy, the Rhode Island legislature has passed a bill to expand its coverage to include public lands.

Take the SITES AP exam from your own location

Achieving your SITES AP credential demonstrates your expertise in sustainable landscape design and devopment to the world, and the GBCI-administered exams to qualify for the credential are delivered at Prometric testing centers in 160 countries.

Now, however, for regions where traveling to a testing center presents a challenge, or for large groups wishing to schedule their exams together, GBCI offers a still more convenient option: the Alternative Exam Delivery (AED) program.

Learn how China can lead on sustainable landscape design

Too often, landscapes, infrastructure and buildings are designed without regard to their harmful impact on our scarce resources, essential ecological systems and quality of life. Population growth and development are causing our communities to use more resources than ever before, which means more waste. We must think beyond the building to gain the benefits of healthy ecosystems.

Join the October SITES Quarterly Call

It’s been quite an exciting year for SITES. We launched the SITES AP professional credential, certified our first round of projects under the SITES v2 rating system and witnessed SITES becoming a truly global program as projects registered around the world.

What not to miss at Greenbuild Boston: SITES

Greenbuild is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. It is the go-to place for the industry to convene and shape the future of the green building and sustainability movement.

This year, SITES and sustainable landscape design will be featured throughout the conference. Join us in Boston from November 8 to 10 for renowned speakers, engaging sessions, an interactive exhibit hall and valuable networking.

Attend a September workshop on SITES in California

Southern California faces a variety of unique environmental and climate-related challenges that can be addressed through more sustainable land development practices. The SITES rating system can be used to develop landscapes on sites with or without buildings and takes into account significant water scarcity, coastal issues and high urban density concerns.

Attend a SITES workshop at Greenbuild China

Learn how you can integrate GBCI’s SITES v2 rating system into the development and ongoing maintenance of your projects. Register for our SITES Workshop at Greenbuild China on October 16, 2017.

What LEED did for buildings, SITES will do for landscapes

This article was originally published on July 17 as "What LEED Did for Buildings, Sustainable SITES Will Do for Landscapes—and Not a Moment Too Soon," by Robert Nieminen, on Retrofit Magazine. Read the full article.

Learn about scaling SITES at the August 1 quarterly call

Even though SITES is a global standard, each project that uses the rating system exists within a particular local context. Different communities are using SITES to address the very specific environmental challenges they face. Around the world, leaders have begun identifying opportunities to scale SITES regionally and locally, as well as how to best work with state and city governments to do so.