Attend a SITES speakers online training session on January 13

Interested in gaining experience speaking about and presenting on SITES? GBCI has you covered—register for our upcoming SITES speakers training session for a deeper understanding of how to present the basic concepts of SITES to diverse audiences.

This call-in meeting will prepare attendees to serve as ambassadors of the SITES v2 rating system and its associated products.

Redefining SITES [USGBC+ November/December 2016]

This article was originally published as "Redefining SITES" in the November/December issue of USGBC+. Read the original version.

By elevating the value of landscapes to include ecological and social benefits, the SITES Rating System promotes sustainable design and resiliency on the University of Texas at El Paso campus.

Celebrate World Soil Day by registering your project with SITES

Today is World Soil Day, which celebrates the importance of soil as a critical component of the natural system and a vital contributor to human health and well-being. 

Tips for preparing to take the SITES AP exam

Congratulations on taking your first step toward earning your SITES AP professional credential! The SITES AP demonstrates to the marketplace your knowledge, expertise and commitment to the profession of sustainable landscape design and development. The key to earning a SITES AP credential is through a thorough understanding of sustainable landscapes and the SITES rating system.

We’ve come up with some tips to help you study for the SITES AP exam:

Navy Pier Awarded Prestigious SITES Gold Certification for Phase 1 Redevelopment

Reimagined Navy Pier recognized for sustainability-focused centennial year redesign


Your top SITES questions answered

Do you have questions about SITES? Attendees during our first quarterly SITES call did, and in this live format, GBCI staff discussed the value of SITES certification and credentials, offered up resources and answered attendee questions. If you missed it, you can listen to a recording of the call.

Here are some of the top questions:

SITES answers your FAQs from the ASLA conference

There was plenty of excitement about the Sustainable SITES Initiative (SITES) at the 2016 Annual American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Meeting this past weekend in New Orleans. This beautiful, vibrant, fragile, precarious and recovering city provided an ideal backdrop for starting conversations about the benefits of high-performance landscapes.

Join us at our first SITES Quarterly Call on November 10

SITES is poised to become the most widely used land development rating system in the world. Just as LEED undeniably transformed the built environment, SITES has the ability to transform land development and use under the administration of GBCI. The SITES rating system works for all types of landscapes, for new construction sites with or without buildings and across all types of projects, from residential homes to large parks and institutional campuses.

Take advantage of equivalent credits between SITES and LEED

If you’re seeking to further define, improve or demonstrate the site sustainability aspects of your project, you can benefit from pursuing both LEED® and SITES® certification. We want to help by simplifying your certification experience at the intersection of these two rating systems. For that reason, we’ve released a list of credit substitutions so that similar credits need only be earned in one rating system—not both! 

Meet SITES at the 2016 ASLA Annual Meeting

Heading to the 2016 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Meeting and Expo Oct. 21–24 in New Orleans? The SITES® rating system will be featured throughout the conference, and members of the team will be available to answer your questions.