SITES can be applied to just about any project, anywhere in the world, on sites with or without buildings—from corporate campuses to streetscapes to homes and more.

As of fall 2023, more than 330 projects are participating in the SITES program, covering 1.28 billion gross square feet of landscapes and outdoor spaces. Projects span 22 countries and 41 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and range from university campuses, government facilities and public parks to corporate headquarters, hotels and resorts and mixed-use developments.

22 countries with participating SITES projects include:

  • Canada, Mexico, United States
  • Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay,
  • England, Greece, Italy, Spain
  • China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore
  • Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
  • Rwanda

Certified SITES projects

Wauwatosa, WI
United States

Milano MI

Hermosillo, Son.

Porter Ranch, CA
United States

Houston, TX
United States

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