Taylor Residence


Kennett Square, PA
United States

Project Size
1.69 acres
Project type
Site Context
Former Land Use
Terrestrial Biome
Temperate Broadleaf & Mixed Forests
Project overview

This 1.69-acre residential property and former dairy farm boasts a drip irrigation septic system that handles sensitive wastewater disposal while preserving hillside woodland vegetation, and green roofs that absorb rainwater and reduce peak stormwater surge while regulating building temperature. Additionally, the site includes a designed stormwater system that uses best management practices to direct and control storm water flow, recharge ground water, reduce peak stormwater surge, and create aesthetic landscape features. The relatively steep slopes on the project site initially posed challenges for water management, as well as the ability to site improvements. However, this became an opportunity to demonstrate creative water management techniques. Improvements including, stone and vegetation lined swales, below grade cisterns, Hugelkultur devices, soil berms, green roofs, holding wet ponds, and rain gardens were worked into the slopes creating terraced rooms and unique garden spaces. In December 2012, after hurricane Sandy, there were no signs of soil erosion on-site for the first time since 1993. Other unique features of the property include native woodlands and meadows, a potting shed built from salvaged materials, culinary planting beds, a meditation labyrinth, whimsical sculptures, and a straw bale hut. photo by Mark Gormel

Project Team
  • Margot S. Taylor, RLA, Owner, Landscape Architect, SITES Project Manager, Land Ethics
  • S. Edgar David, MLA, RLA, Landscape Architect, CAD maps and illustrations, SED Design Studio
  • Russell L Losco, MA PG, CPSS, Soil Scientist, Lanchester Soil Consultants
  • Carol W. Ohm, PE & Stephen E Williams, PE Civil Engineering, Apex Engineering, Inc.