Grow your knowledge with new SITES education courses

Published on
17 Mar 2017
Sarah Buente

SITES is excited to announce that we’ve released several new educational offerings on our new Education page. These courses are designed to help grow your knowledge on SITES and sustainable landscape design, development and management.

Education on SITES

Visit our Education page to get started now. As noted below, SITES courses are available for free at the introductory level. You may also select courses a la carte that are specific to the SITES rating system or simply related to SITES topics. You may also access these courses through a subscription to Education @USGBC. 

Education @USGBC

A subscription to Education @USGBC gives you access to over 500 courses on the platform, including courses related to SITES, LEED, WELL and general sustainability education. Subscribing to Education @USGBC costs only $199, or $175 for USGBC members. 

Please note that many of the courses offered on Education @USGBC are eligible for GBCI CE hours and can count toward the hours you need to maintain your SITES AP or LEED AP credential. Taking the courses below will count toward the 30 hours (24 general and 6 SITES-specific) that you need to maintain your SITES AP credential every two years.

  • Free and introductory courses: This free webinar series provides more information about sustainable landscape design and development and why they matter, as well as tips on SITES certification. Each of these courses counts toward 0.5 SITES-specific GBCI CE hours.
  • SITES rating system-specific courses: This 10-part webinar series explores the SITES v2 rating system in detail. You’ll learn key concepts, terminology and requirements related to every prerequisite and credit in the rating system. This series is available for 7 SITES-specific GBCI CE hours.
  • Other courses related to SITES: These courses are related to the concepts included within the SITES rating system and helpful knowledge for anyone pursuing SITES certification. These courses count toward the general GBCI CE hours needed to maintain your SITES AP credential. 

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