Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden at Sarah P. Duke Gardens


Duke University, Durham, NC
United States

Project Size
0.96 acres
Project type
Open Space- Garden
Site Context
Former Land Use
Terrestrial Biome
Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests
Project overview

The Charlotte Brody Discovery Garden focuses on sustainable practices, hands-on horticulture, and nature discovery for people of all ages. The garden demonstrates sustainable techniques that can be implemented by the average homeowner and gardener. The garden contains raised and at-grade vegetable beds, food forest plantings, an orchard, a rain garden, a bioswale, bee hives, an herb garden, cold frames, cisterns, an historic reclaimed tobacco barn, and pergola structures. Horticultural practices will demonstrate an organic and sustainable approach to gardening. Visitors and program participants can take part in growing, maintaining, harvesting, and enjoying fresh food from the vegetable beds and native food forest. Programs will introduce school groups, families, camp participants, and adults to the pleasures and benefits of growing their own food. From basic horticulture to math, art and science, any topic may be learned, discovered, or enriched by experiences in the garden. photo by: Rick Fisher's Photography

Project Team
  • Sarah P. Duke Gardens: Bill LeFevre, Owner Representative and Executive Director; Bobby Mottern, MLA, Project Supervisor and Director of Horticulture; Jan Little, LA, Project Supervisor and Director of Education and Public Programs; Jason Holmes, Project Horticulturist, Curator of the Doris Duke Center Gardens; Kavanah Anderson, Project Education Coordinator; Lindsey Fleetwood, Project Horticulturist; Stefan Bloodworth, Horticulturist and Creator of the Bloomquist Garden of Native Plants
  • Duke University: Audrey Frasca, Project Manager; Sarah Parsons, SITES Supervisor and Graduate Student at the Nichols School of the Environment
  • Jesse Turner Landscape Architect: Jesse Turner, RLA, Lead Site Designer; Ellen Cassilly, AIA, LEED AP, Site Designer
  • LeChase Construction: Jon Barret, LEED AP, Senior Construction Manager