Be part of the SITES for Existing Landscapes certification pilot

Published on
31 Mar 2022
Danielle Pieranunzi
SITES Certified Washington Canal Park in Washington, DC

Feature image: Washington Canal Park in Washington, DC.

Do you want to better understand how your completed project is performing and demonstrate its success? Do you have an existing park, campus, government facility or other outdoor space that you would like to earn SITES certification? Are you interested in informing and influencing the next SITES certification tool?

If any of this sounds of interest, SITES wants to hear from you. If this sounds of interest, SITES wants to hear from you. Please contact us at

The past few years have highlighted just how essential our outdoor spaces are for improving community resilience and boosting human health. With increasingly extreme weather events, air pollution, urban heat island effects and loss of biodiversity, landscapes are our first line of defense. COVID-19 then demonstrated how access to green space is of direct benefit to our mental and physical health.

SITES certification offers a path for landscape projects to enhance their sustainability, implement green infrastructure strategies and improve resilience through nature-based solutions. As you may know, the current SITES v2 rating system is directed at new construction and major renovation projects. While this work is vital, there are many more landscapes that have already been built that seek these same goals.

To address this gap, GBCI is currently developing a framework that expands into ongoing sustainable site management practices and the monitoring and reporting of their social, economic and environmental benefits.

GBCI is seeking partner projects to collaborate with us to expand SITES offerings for existing spaces. We have developed a pilot guidance document based on the current SITES v2 rating system to help pilot projects assess performance, operations and maintenance, in order to adapt and optimize their work and earn recognition for their leadership. Your project does not need experience with the SITES rating system to be part of the pilot program.

Evidence-based design is key to meeting local and global goals and to addressing client and community needs. The pilot test will inform and refine the development of this adaptation for existing projects for the greatest impact.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please contact us.