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The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) program offers opportunities for students and professionals to become a part of the market shift toward valuing ecosystem services and creating more sustainable landscapes.

SITES Internship Program

The Sustainable Sites Initiative program offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain a strong understanding of the SITES program through exposure of the technical criteria in the SITES rating system, the pilot program, and research in the areas of soil, vegetation, hydrology, materials and human health and well-being.

The internships offer students experience in the challenges and opportunities in measuring site sustainability with performance-based criteria. Students will have an opportunity to learn more about sustainable site design, construction, operations and maintenance practices through the lens of the SITES rating system. Typically, interns and staff will determine a "goal" or project tasks that can be finished by the completion of the program, determine a research subject (with approval of director), and write and present this research to the SITES team before conclusion of internship. This part-time internship (20 hours per week) is unpaid, and must take place in Austin.



Start Date

End Date



November 15

January 30

May 18

20 hours per week


April 30

June 2

August 8

20 hours per week


August 15

October 10

December 16

20 hours per week

To apply for internships, please e-mail the following informaiton to info@sustainablesites.org with "Summer Internship" in the subject line:

Other Opportunities to Get Involved

There are many ways to be a part of the movement to promote and quantify the benefits of sustainable land development and management practices. Stay up-to-date on the SITES program's progress by signing up for e-mail updates here and joining us on LinkedIn.