SITES® seeks to foster resiliency by encouraging careful design and planning that informs long-term monitoring and adaptive management of the landscape. By 2050, it is projected that the world's
The framework for the SITES® Rating System is based on the concept of ecosystem services.The benefits people enjoy from healthy ecosystems are the unobtrusive foundation of daily life. Ecosystem
Healthy ecosystems are the source of many less tangible — but very real and measurable — benefits that humans derive from a relationship with nature. These benefits are especially important to
Materials choices made during land design and development projects have the capacity to significantly impact ecosystem services on a global scale. Materials are natural resources that have been
Healthy soil and vegetation are the foundation of ecosystems, and provide services such as reduction in water runoff, improvement in groundwater recharge, and regulation of climate. Healthy
Water is a limited resource that is essential to all life, and sustainable landscapes are those that reduce water use, improve filtration, and promote healthy rivers, lakes, and oceans. Although